USB Joystick controls both Player 1 and Player 2

After consulting:



I’m still no closer to having a functional extra USB joystick or pad which controls player 2 independently of player 1. My USB joystick controls both players and the Picade joystick works properly on player 1 alone.

Has anyone got this to work reliably? I love the Picade but this is a very disappointing limitation.

thanks very much in advance for any support.



To resolve this issue, i plugged a controller and let it inside the picade and plugged another for the player 2. Not elegant but that work.

There is a mk_arcade gpio driver available here :

but i don’t tried because it seem to be limited to 8 buttons and 4 axes for the joystick.

Aside from sticking a second controller in there, did this ever get resolved?? I’m looking to use the player x board to make a usb p2 coupled with a new picade.

No it didn’t. Does the new USB-C Hat make a difference?

I’ve asked support and they have not explicitly said this problem was fixed. They did say it shouldn’t have a problem in general though. I’ve been hesitant to pull the trigger because I’m interested in 2P action.