Adding a second controller via USB

I’ve got an iBuffalo USB controller that I’d like to add to my Picade setup. I set it up via the EmulationStation GUI, and it seems to be working OK, but both my joystick and the controller appear to be controlling player 1.

I’ve been round the houses with various different incantations and finally settled on adding the config that was generated in /opt/retropie/configs/all/retroarch-joypads to /opt/retropie/configs/all/retroarch.cfg, replacing input_ with input_player2, but still no joy. Any ideas on how to get my USB controller working correctly?

Any pointers on this? I’ve just picked this project up again, and I’m still having the same problems :(

Did you ever get this figured out. I am trying to do the exact same thing.

You may already know this but if you add a second controller it will control player 2.

I actually like this functionality because it means as player 1 you can easily switch between keyboard/Picade and USB controller without having to go into any settings.

That is what I want. The problem is that it is not controlling player 2. Both the keyboard/Picade and the USB controller are controlling player 1. I have had it working fine in the past, but on my newest build it is not working that way. I am thinking it may be a bug in the latest version of Retropie. I plan to format and start from scratch. This time I will not update everything.

I think I mis-read your post. So, I have to have two USB controllers to play two player? I would like the Picade/Keyboard to handle player 1, and a single USB controller to handle player 2. Is that possible?

Yes I usually plug two controllers in. The second controller to be plugged in will control player 2.

I am not sure how to get it working with just one controller.

Ok, Thank you. I’ll get a second controller.