Picade, retropie 2 player setup

Hello, first of all, excuse me, because my English is very bad,

I need help. I have the picade machine connected to rapberry 2 and I want to play with two players, the emulator is retropie, both old and modern version,. When I connect the second command (mayflash arcade joystick) in the emulationstation is configured, but when I enter an emulator , works the command picade and the joystick as one.
Inside of mame pressing key tab i can set the two joysticks, but they work as one.
Neo geo, snes, megadrive, I can not configure 2 players, only 1 player, and the two controls work as one.

I have done the following test and it works:
Rasp2 + retropie + usb pad nes + usb mayflash joystick (without using the picade machine) and I can play in all emulators with two players)

Can you give me a solution? Thank you

Can you run the command here:

And see what the USB ID is for this device?

I’m interested in purchasing these Picade devices (2 of them) for 2 player mode, and I think the fix explained in the link above can help.