2016 Picade PCB with an Android box?

I’m all questions on here today!
As you can see from some of my other posts, I’m looking to make some upgrades to my 2016 Picade which has so far served me well.

I’ve been looking into swapping out my pi3B for a pi4, but I’m begining to wonder if replacing it with an Emuelec compatible Android box might be a decent alternative.

With that in mind I was wondering if the Picade PCB could work as an amplifier and USB controller board for an Android box like this?

As before, all advice really appreciated.

I think that would be a tough road to follow? This may work though, and it would let you use your current buttons and joystick. i say “may” because I have no idea if it will work on an Android device.

Cheers Alphanumeric - I’ve been delving this afternoon and from what I can gather the Picade PCB (and the Player X USB for that matter) outputs as a HID controller.

I think that should work with Emuelec and the PCB should be able to take power from the Android boxes USB port - can anyone confirm?

The Player X is an actual USB HID device. Plug and Pray sort of kind of.
The Picade hat emulates one. Trying to interface the Picade Hats GPIO signals to another device would IHMO be a lot of work. Especially if the other device uses 5V logic. Then you’d have to find drivers etc for all the different bits on the Picade Hat, the DAC etc.
If you have the skills to pull it off go for it. You would I think learn a lot alone the way.