5 phat stack - Touch phat LEDS

I’ve managed to get 5 phats working on one zero w.

Four letter words - up front
Speaker phat
Enviro phat - out back

Break out - Scroll phat HD
Break out - Touch phat

Bit of a vague support question but

Everything works apart from the LEDs on the touch phat - any pointers for testing them?

With breaking out the pins are there specific v or ground pins that I should use?

check https://pinout.xyz, it has everything you need in term of mandatory connections.

Touch pHAT LEDs use the same driver chip as the cap touch buttons, over I2C, so if the buttons work but not the LEDs, that is rather surprising.

Ultimately it could be a power issue, with so many devices hooked up it’s hard to tell whether you could correctly operate all at the same time… in principle yes (I think, I haven’t checked for specific potential pin conflicts), but the reality might be different.

Thank you.

I will check the power - I’ve got it hooked up to a battery at the moment…

Yeah worked my way through all the pins on pinout and everything works! 5 phat stack - will post some pics tonight.

If I might be so bold, I’d love to see some photos of exactly what that looks like.

You can see some work in progress photos here:

I’ll try and post some more detailed ones tonight

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How are you testing the LEDs on Touch pHAT? You’ll need the library running for it to light the right LED when a pad is touched.

So far just used the included example button script.

I’m guessing you’ll be missing the required power or ground connection for the LEDs to source/sink properly then! In fact, looking over the production files it’s a 5V connection you’ll be missing. We’ll get that documented on Pinout :D

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Aha that would make sense :) thank you