pHAT BEAT LEDs only light 2 of 8

I just setup a new PI Zero W with the pHAT BEAT and a pair of Adafruit speakers. The speakers test fine (although there is a slight crackle when the audio starts).

The LEDs aren’t working though. When I do the example below, only two light up (the ones next to the 6 & 3). They all should light up Cyan, right?

for p in range(16):
    phatbeat.set_pixel(p, 0, 255, 255)

Suggestions? I double checked my soldering (which I’m new at) and don’t see any really bad pins.


The pinout is here

I believe the LED’s are controlled via BCM 24 clock and BCM 23 Data. If it was a soldering issue I would think they wouldn’t work at all?
The Python Function reference is here.

phatbeat.set_all( 255, 255, 255, 1.0) should set all LED’s to full bright white, if I read it correctly.

What happens if you run the example?