Phat BEAT - most LEDS do not work

Hi all,

I recently bought a Pirate Radio, and installed today the latest version of raspian Jessie lite.
I also ran the scripts that configure the phat beat, and install vlcd.

The sound works fine, no big issue with that.
Hower I have some trouble with the LEDs.
I noticed that the VU meter only show one bar (I use the radio with the only speaker provided), but the two bottom LEDs never lights up.

After some search, and some testing with a small python script that lights up one LED at a time, from LED 0 to LED 15.
LED 0 through 5 works fine, but LED 6 through 15 are always off. I tried all different RGB colors with no luck.
Since some of the LED works, I assume that the pin header soldering is OK.
I also tested the connectivity of the clock and signal between each LED and it seems good as well.

I wonder if the pi manages to send enough data (or data fast enough) so that all 16 frames for each LED are received. Maybe just the first 5 are OK, but not the others…

Any ideas as to test this theory ? Or maybe a better explanation ?

Thanks a lot.

Hi Paul. It sounds like a dodgy LED. That usually manifests itself as the first X LEDs working and then no more data passing down the line. Could you email, please, and we’ll get a replacement out to you.

Hi Sandy,
Just a quick update.

I received the replacement part 2 weeks ago, but just had time to solder the pin header tonight.

At first boot, I got all the LED working, and the VU meter was doing its job.
But I had to shut it down in order to screw it to the case.
And since that, I have the same problem than earlier : only the first 6 LEDs are working…

What could have gone wrong between the first boot and the ones after that ?