I bought a phatbeat at a raspberry jam.

Iniitially it seemed OK : with no speakers connected the speakertest pulsed the bargraphs. But there was also an oddity : one of the bargraph LEDs (+3dB, right) was always on, dimly green. It flickered a bit during boot and shutdown.

Then I connected speakers : when I tried speakertest, the Pi rebooted.

I’m using an Asus 2A power supply but I did try changing the USB supply cable. This helped : the LED no longer flickers and the Pi doesn’t reboot when I run speakertest (which seems to be fine).

But I still have 2 problems : the dim green LED is still on (it works fine in the various LED tests) and there’s a crunch sound every time the speakers are enabled, eg when an application starts to use them.

Are these problems normal, or is my phatbeat faulty ?

The pop sound has been noted. I get it when my pirate radio starts up, and when I change channels.

I also had a one LED always on issue. Mine was on full bright. I don’t remember which one it was now though. I swapped Pi’s and it went away. Put the original Pi back in and it didn’t come back. Never did figure out what originally caused it or why it stopped doing it.