pHat Beat, one LED always on full bright white when powered up


I just installed a pHat Beat to a Zero W running full Raspbian. Installed and ran the Pimoroni dashboard. Then did the install for the pHat Beat. As soon as I apply power to my Pi one LED in the VU meter comes on white at full brightness. Is that supposed to happen? Its the second one down labeled 3 on the header side, right side audio I believe.


It looks like the fault is on my Pi Zero W. Swapped it out for another one and the LED is off now. I kept the same SC card i set it up on, just swapped out the Pi. Must be a GPIO that’s shorted to ground or something?


Is that using the same SD card?

The LEDs on pHAT BEAT are “smart”- IE they expect a data/clock line to send them some kind of logical signal, but sometimes random noise (from your hands, the environment, your Pi, anything really) will get interpreted as a signal and cause an LED to light up.

It could also be something running on the Pi, if you changed the SD card.

How do you change the radio stations on the Pirate Radio Internet Radio option?

Same SD card I started with, and did the setup on. The LED in question light up the first time I applied power to the Pi. And stayed on while I installed the Dashboard. And stayed on while I did the pHat Beat install from the dashboard. Rebooted a couple of times trying to get it to turn off. Then I swapped in my spare Pi Zero W, moving my SD card to the replacement Pi. On that next boot up it didn’t come on. Haven’t gone any further than that though. I had a spike in my chronic pain and had to lay low for a while. I may put the original Pi back in just to see what happens. I had a good look at it with a magnifying glass. All the header solder joints look OK etc. I’m not sure what’s going on?


Just put the original Pi back in and it didn’t light up? I could have sworn I removed power completely at some point before swapping Pi’s? But maybe I didn’t, and just rebooted? very confused now.