Phat touch - Button B less responsibe

I tried my new phat touch for the first time. I ran the to check the functions. All LEDs an buttons work, but button B is less responsive, compared to the other buttons.

While other buttons have to be touched, to be active, button B has to be pressed hard, otherwise it doens’t notice the press.

I’m using a pi zero w with RASPBIAN STRETCH LITE and pi hole installed and running, as the only application. The soldering looks fine. I want to use the phat touch for control pi hole.

Any suggestions?

hello,I’m no pro ,so what i do with issues like this use another SD card and use a full install of raspbian and try running it there

Try cleaning the surface (with the power off). Alcohol if you have some. Glass cleaner is probably OK to use too, just don’t put a lot on it. Spray a paper towel and wipe the buttons with it. Let it dry then boot it up and give it another test.

Thanks for reply. I disconnected the phat (after shutdown) and reconnected it again. I didn’t do anything else. Now the button works fine.

I still don’t know the reason, but the problem is gone.

Weird, but at least it worked. Hopefully it keeps working OK now.

i have had similar issues with my drum hat,sometimes when i start it up not all sensors work when touched , and i have to restart it to get them all working