RainbowHat Touch Pad not working?


I just started working with my new RainbowHAT and after going through the “getting started” guide (https://learn.pimoroni.com/tutorial/sandyj/getting-started-with-rainbow-hat-in-python) I was not able to get the first touchpad (A) to recognize touch.

I thought maybe it was a fundamental incompatibility with Rasbian Stretch, but after adding the demo code for touchpads B and C, B and C light up the LED as expected, but A still does not. Also, the “Button A pressed” and “Button A released” text does not appear.

Moving to the next step, and issuing the LED control commands, shows that all 3 LED lights (R,G, and B) are functioning correctly.

Are there steps I can take to further examine the HAT or fix the sensitivivity of touchpad A?


What model Pi is it plugged into? If its a Pi Zero, and you soldered the header, check pin 40. It’s the Button A touch input. https://pinout.xyz/pinout/rainbow_hat#

I’d do the basic stuff first. Reattach / reseat it. Make sure its level and firmly attached.
While you have it off I’d give it a good once over looking for damage. Any scratches etc.
If it still doesn’t work then redo your Micro SD card with a fresh Raspbian image.
Then sudo apt-get update and upgrade and run the one line installer again for the Rainbow Hat.


WOW. You totally nailed that! Thanks for the link to pinout.xyz, that is very handy.

It was indeed a pi zero that I had soldered, and the connection for pin 40 was not good.

Thanks for solving my problem.


Cool, its nice when things are that easy. =) Have fun with your new toy. :)
Most of Pimoroni’s pHats and Hats will have a link to their pinout on their product page. I do believe Phil aka gadgetoid is responsible for that page. It comes in real handy some times.