Issue With Drum HAT Hit Registering


Hello there, relatively new Pi hobbyist here.

I purchased a Drum HAT from Pimoroni and have tested it with two different RasPis and both successfully get the LEDs flashing in but neither end up outputting any “Drum _ Hit” statements in the console or playing any sound. I believe this might likely be an issue with the touch sensors themselves on the pad but I’d like some second opinions.

Thanks in advance!

Drum Hat doesn't detect hits on Pi Zero, but works fine on older Pi

It’s a shot in the dark, but are you plugging it onto the Pi’s while they’re turned on? This can cause the initial calibration of the touch sensors to take your hand into account, really throwing them off.


No, with both of the Pis I’ve tested I’ve had the HAT already in place. I’m going to test it out again later today and report back on any potential developments.


How did testing go? Anything to report :D


Did you ever resolve this, and if so how? I’m having a similar issue.