Piano & Drum hat issues

Hello i recently purchased the piano and drum hats. Followed the instruction online. On the piano hat i can get sound from notes a, b and c but none of the others.
The leds on c to g are always on dim.
The 24 pin chip on the left gets to 60 degrees C.
Also the drum har surface gets close to 50C and no sound. Any one able to shed some light. Thanks

if you did and of the soldering of the header’s ,check header pins for correct connection to the Pi board and the hats …

i have both hats and have had similar issues when i first got them , cant remember exactly how i fixed them ,but i think running them both on the pHAT Stack board helped .
I have this setup now…

are you following Pimoroni’s gethub to setup the 2 hats.and are you using there examples .

piano hat - GitHub - pimoroni/Piano-HAT: Python library and examples for Piano HAT Raspberry Pi Add-on board

drumhat - GitHub - pimoroni/drum-hat: Python library for the Pimoroni Drum HAT Raspberry Pi Add-on board.

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I just became the owner of a Piano Hat today. Only just took it out of the shipping container. Going to have a go at setting it up tonight or tomorrow morning. I’ll post back how it goes for me if you haven’t fixed your issue by then.

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Hello yes im using their example. I havent soldered anything. I tried them direct on to the pi. I have tried 3x different pi’s and fresh installs aswell.

I won’t get a chance to try mine until tomorrow some time. I have to repurpose a PI from another project. My only not in use spares are all Zero’s and my spare monitor doesn’t have built in speakers. =(

Getting there, slowly. My Pi 3B+ had a tall heatsink on it so I had to hunt up a booster header to raise the Piano hat up. Then find standoffs long enough to hold the Piano hat up.
Just put a fresh Raspbian micro SD card in and doing the setup. Will get back to you with how I get along in a bit. Have to go find some amplified speakers too. I have a set, just have to find them, lol.

Did the install, as near as I can tell everything worked. I ran the simple keyboard example. All the keys worked and the LED’s lite up when I touched the touch pads. Octave up down etc worked too.
Sounds like you have a hardware fault / failure. If you go to the Shop page there is a contact us link at the bottom of the page. Click that and e-mail them with your issue. Put a link to this thread in it as well.

How have you got everything plugged in? Phat Stack?

You want to make sure the bottom of the hat isn’t touching the Pi’s heat Sink, if you have one applied.

no got the piano hat directly mounted on the pi at the mo

It shouldn’t matter, but I’ll ask anyway, what model Pi are you using?
Sounds like a hardware fault on the HAT.
At this point I think I’d go to the shop page and do the contact us.

Pi3b i have contacted pimoroni they are going to try and help. Will update after.

Ok, just wanted to rule out it being a Zero with a hammer header or one you soldered in.