DrumHAT is not responding to touch


I’ve just received my DrumHAT and immediately connected it to the RPi: directly plugged into the board. I don’t have any other HATs (Piano or Speaker), just DrumHAT. And I don’t use pHAT Stack or ribbon cable. I tried all the examples in ~/Pimoroni/drumhat/examples and it seems that my hat is not responding to the touches. From the code, I see it should at least print out messages when I touch the pads, but it doesn’t.

I tried i2cdetect and it shows the device on 0x2c (the default address for this hat). I enabled the 1-Wire interface as it was suggested in one of the forum posts.

What am I missing in my setup? Does it work without a PianoHAT at all? Is there any way to test the hat with the low-level library (cap1xxx)? Is it possible that the heat coming from the board disturbs the sensors?




Hello and welcome to Pimoroni ,i do have a drum hat and piano hat and the speaker-phat running on the pHat stack .i might be able to help you ,so did you install the pimoroni dashboard ,sudo apt-get install pimoroni,
and use it to install the drum hat,or use the one line installer ,
curl https://get.pimoroni.com/drumhat | bash
just curious,either way you need to then run the code from the command line , , you need to Change the directory to where the examples are [ , then to run the file , type ,sudo python /drums.py and hit enter ,hope this makes sense …

If you choose to download examples you’ll find them in /home/pi/Pimoroni/drumhat/ .



Yes, I did all the above: installed the pimoroni package, installed drumhat via that curl command. Yes, I run the scripts from the examples directory. They start fine and show me some initial information (like which pad to tap) or run the LEDs all around. But they don’t react to my touches.



how do have the pi hooked to a monitor,lcd screen via hdmi ,with speakers ,or speaker plugged into to the mini pin…it either has issue or isn’t connected to speakers properly .

this mine using the speaker phat.and phat stack