TouchpHat : A and B no sensitive



TouchpHat purchased late nov. 2017.
Was setup and working in December 2017.

Touchs A and B are no more sensitive : no LED feedback when pressed, no detection in .py script.
Others touches working fine.

All updated using Pimoroni Dashboard: same result/situation as above.

What can I do ?



sudo reboot was not able to solve the issue

But … sudo shutdown + power off + power on make the job

All i s ok now.


Good to hear!

Did you plug it onto a powered-on Pi, or touch it during power on? The sensitivity calibration is done on power-on, and if your fingers happen to be over some of the pads when you plug it in they’ll think your finger is part of the pad and will no longer recognise your touch.


Thanks for your answer.

It could be what have happened, because now I am sure not to have any finger on the touch during power on, the last two times.

Thanks again for your beautiful, powerful, easy to use products.


You’re welcome! I’m glad you’re up and running.