50% of the screen is white on startup


Just finished my (slightly over) 3 hrs pad build on a new 10"model, and the screen looks like its not working. Half of the screen appears to be white. Tried the tips I’ve seen on the forums but no help (cables seated, and I am now about to try plugging it into my monitor) anyone else seen this? Hoping it’s a ribbon problem and not a screen issue. It looks like the clip in the video board is not sitting flush.


The black sliding bar on the lvds connector should sit flat and flush (similar to the connectors on the pi itself). Your one looks like it’s had a bit of a battering though…


Hey. Yes it won’t close flat at all. The battering is due to me trying to push it flat with my finger nails. It won’t snap in all the times I’ve tried (even the first time)… Looks like I might need a new board for a working clip?


Does it close flat without the cable in the slot?


Nope. One side is sticking out like the pics even when there’s no cable