7" screen with Stand - comments suggestion

Problem with the PI B+ (expect that the same would have happened with the PI 2 had both connected to the display.)

Have lifted the USB (A) from the display board still works to power the PI. Caused below

Can not have more that 2 Standard sized USB plugged into the Pi - webcam, keyboard, mouse. had to remove the legs to feed the webcam into though the leg to desktop support but this still caused the USB plug to be mis-aligned (dyslexic - so that word dose not look right) bent the plug in the USB port. Can send pic’s or drop in to unit to show (live in Rotherham 20 mins down the parkway)

Would suggest cut out more of the back blue plate between the mounting screws for the USB display to stop that getting lifted. The design of the legs could be changed to extend the support straight up then connect higher to the arm in a more “D” shaped or square so that all USB / Ethernet ports are accessible.