7" touch screen ribbon cable advice


Hi there,

Recently received a smart looking touchscreen and I’m following the instructions, however the large ribbon cable seems very tricky to fit in. Am I doing something wrong?

  • It seems like it doesn’t want to fit in the back connector, I don’t want to break the ribbon cable and I trying to be careful with it.
  • Does something need to be unclipped? I don’t see anything.
  • It really doesn’t want to go in the correct slot, surely it can’t need that much pressure/fiddling?

Any advice appreciated!



Is this the black connector on the Pi, or the display board? At both ends there should be a small plastic clip which you need to pull out. The cable then slides into place- but doesn’t go as far in as you might think- and then is held into place with the clip that you need to push firmly back into place.


This is black connector on the display board, the screen has a brown control cable about an inch in width that needs to be connected. I will check the un-clipping nature of the connector.
I thought it must have a clip and glad I didn’t force it further.
Thanks for the reply, will let you know if it works.


Yeah thanks gadgetoid, not come across this type of connector before, all done. It moves forward, allowing the brown cable to go in.
Job done!