Blue ribbon cable keep releasing from connector

I’m having a little bit of trouble getting the blue ribbon cable to stay in the connector. I can’t get it that far in.
I’m using it with the blue side upwards. I did not bend the clip far away. I tried to glue it with Tamiya Ca Cement. but the force from the cable is too strong, It just releases. I’m may having gotten a little bit of glue on the ribbon cable, i hope it don’t messes with connection

Have you peeled the black protective film off that top part? It probably won’t cause any issues, but you shouldn’t really remove that.

As far as the connector goes, I’ve never had any problems like that. Did the clip break? You should lift it up rather than slide it out, as the additional instructions for the 10" display say.

No I haven’t peeled anything of. No i have not heard any breaking sound. I know, I just lift it up enough to fit the cable. Because I know they are fragile.

Don’t know what to do now, as im stuck. The ribbon Cable seems to differ from the one being used in the asembling video from your Youtube channel. Mine seems to be half the size.

That video (on our YouTube channel) is for the 8" Picade and its display driver board has a different sort of clip on it that slides out rather than flipping down. It looks from your video like you might not have opened the clip far enough to get the cable in properly.

Here are a couple of photos that should illustrate how the clip opens, cable inserts, and how it should look when fitted correctly, and also the black protective tape that should be over the top part.

I thought you meant that I peeled something of the display driver board or ribbon cable. I managed to get the cable a bit further in by open it more. but it won’t snap so i’m not sure if the cable are making contact with the connector. I

That looks better now!

I hope it’s enough thanks for the help!
Have a nice weekend!

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No problem. Hope you have a nice weekend too, and just let us know if you need any more help. :-)

I have fixed similar issue with laptop keyboard and video clips,[many times when i used to do computer repair ] with a drop of hot glue on both ends of the clip,hold the clip down till the glue sets …

Note that we wouldn’t recommend using glue and wouldn’t be able to replace any driver boards that had glue applied to them, but we’d be happy to replace any clips that weren’t working as they should when you received them.

agree ,OP used Tamiya Ca Cement,im sure it would be hard to remove ,so i mentioned hot glue because its so easy to remove

Watching this video I used glue because it wouldn’t snap,I would never come up with the idea otherwise.I had no problems with the other clips.
I will need a new display driver board and a new cable, do you have them separately?

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@Machomayhem If you email, then they should be able to assist you.

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I do that, Thanks a lot!