8-inch digital audio output



I’m completely new to this so maybe it’s a stupid question.
I bought the 8", IPS, 1024x768, HDMI display kit and the Adafruit I2S 3W Class D Amplifier Breakout. I was thinking of building a miniature screen tv with a speaker that would play video and sound from the HDMI cable. On the driver board to the display there are som “digital audio” pins that I thought could be connected to the adafruit breakout board to get some sound. Is this possible? If so witch pins go where?



I could be wrong, but I’d reckon:

LCK  -> LRC     Left/Right clock
BCK  -> BCLK    Bit-clock
DATA -> DIN     Data
N/A  -> GAIN    Check the amp datasheet/docs for this pin
N/A  -> SD      This is the ShutDown pin to disable the amp
5V   -> Vin

SPDIF is a different protocol/interconnect from the I2S pins.


Thank you for your reply.
Unfortunately I haven’t got it to work. When I connect the HDMI to my Mac mini I can’t find the HDMI in the sound settings. Maybe it’s not possible…


I’m curious also how to get audio out of the drive board.