Audio via HDMI on original kickstarter maxi PiCade

Hi Guys! first post to be kind ;)

I have been playing around with trying to finally get everything working with the PiCade ( i was one of the original PiCade backers).

I have managed to get sound working with the screen volume control by doing this:

  1. Enable all audio via the 3.5mm jack from the PI
  2. Send the output from the 3.5mm jack to the “PC Audio In” input on the display board (mine is a “M.NT68676.2A” - manual is here :
  3. Send the output from the “earphone out” on the display board to the “line in” on the display board.

See this image:

This seems to work ok but my only question is - Is there a way that if I send the PI audio to the HDMI port that the “M.NT68676.2A” display board can then send it to the output of the “earphone out” directly ?

The “M.NT68676.2A” seem to be fairly common and also seem to have some kind of factory menu / firmware config/upgrade so I wondered if this was something I could enable. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!


See this link:

I assume the problem is that you want the Pi2 to send audio via HDMI so your board can decode it to analog?

I can confirm that the Pimoroni pHAT DAC works really well with Picade. Might be an easier option?