No 3.5 mm Headphone Audio

Hi all.
I now have sound (with volume control!) through the speaker.
I’m now trying to get the headphone jack on the pi to work.
I’ve searched everywhere and tried many things, but can’t seem to make it happen.
Changing to headphone in EmulatorStation does nothing.
When I go into raspi-config > advanced > audio, I get “no internal audio devices found”.

What gives?
Any help would be appreciated!

Picade Hat speaker?
Have a look in the config.txt file for a
If its there change it to

Ok, silly question. What config.txt file? Where?

It’s on the boot partition
sudo nano /boot/config.txt
It’s the main config file for Raspbian thats run on boot up.

I should mention, if you do the above and the headphone jack works, the Picade speaker isn’t going to work anymore. Audio will be switched away from the DAC on the picade hat and the defaults will now be Audio Jack or HDMI.
The audio jack on the Pi doesn’t automatically disconnect the speaker or switch it from HDMI, it has to be manually set as the default.

Ok, thanks all. It’s probably easier to just slap a headphone amp onto the speaker output and a switch for headphones/speaker.

If your going to frequently switch back and forth from headphones to speaker, that would be the way to go.