No audio devices after Picade-X install

After running the picadehat installer script, no audio devices are available. If you run raspi-config before running the installer, you see the usual options of selecting HDMI or headphones. After installing the picadehat software, it reports “no internal audio devices found”

This is with the latest RetroPie SD card image on a Raspberry Pi 3B+

I can see a few posts reporting similar problems on these forums, but no resolution. Anyone built a Picade recently and managed to get around this problem?

The installer sets up the DAC on the Picade Hat so that sound comes out the speaker terminals. This disables the Pi’s onboard sound.
If you want the onboard back, have a look for
in your config.txt file. Remark that line out, and reboot, and you should have the onboard audio back.

Hmm I don’t have that line in my config.txt
Adding it didn’t make any difference either,

I do have:


I’ve also noticed that if I go into the EmulationStation menus and select audio, the volume is ‘stuck’ at 0%. I move the slider but the changes don’t stick. Whenever I go back to that menu page, it is back to 0% again.

If I quit EmulationStation I see the repeated message:

VolumeControl::init() - Failed to attach to default card!

Remark out the
or change it too
Take the hifiberry-dac entry back out too.

I’ve tried that - but the volume in Emulation Station remains stuck at 0%

Ok, I’m out of ideas. I don’t own a Picade or play games on one, just so you know.
I’d put everything back to how it originally was before you edited anything, and see if somebody else can help.