Picade X Hat - no sound

I have purchased and built a Picade with the X hat. Everything works fine except I hear no sound out of the speaker. I’ve checked speaker wiring, reflashed with the current Retropie build and run the picadehat installer and ensured volume is up in Retropie audio mixer settings (the audio card is set to snd_rpi_hifiberry_dac - I haven’t changed this from the default). The picadehat installer made the following changes to config.txt:



I’ve scanned the output of dmesg but can’t see any driver issues. Can anyone offer any advice as to what steps I can follow next to try and fix sound please? Thanks!

Does the speaker come with the ends of the wires pre stripped and tinned?
Make sure the bare wire end is in contact with the metal part of the speaker push terminals.
If you insert them to far the insulation might be preventing a good connection.

Thanks alphanumeric. The speaker flying leads do come stripped and tinned. I’ve checked that they are making contact in the push terminals (and had friend look too to make sure).

I’ve since found that the volume in EmulationStation sound settings keeps resetting to zero percent. I suspect this might be the cause of the issue. I’ll do some searching and see if I can find a fix for this.

Thanks again for responding.

Ok, hope you find the fix.

Solved, but I’m not sure why. I removed the hat and powered up plugged in to a monitor (with speakers) via HDMI. I was able to increase volume to 100% in EmulationStation and have the setting save on menu exit. Put the hat back on and reconnected everything to the Picade and I’m now able to set volume and have the setting save within EmulationStation.

One of those things that makes you go Hmm?