No sound with new Picade X HAT (except in Redream)

Hi all.

I very briefly had sound coming out of the speaker in my newly assembled Picade, although it was stuck on 100% for a few boots despite my turning it down. That resolved itself without any apparent intervention of mine beyond rebooting, but very soon after the sound has stopped completely.

I’m assuming nothing has happened hardware wise, the connections still look good.

The Picade installer’s changes to my /boot/config.txt are still extant, and my EmulationStation sound settings are volume 50%, card default, device PCM, and OMX Player ALSA.

Anyone come across this?

EDIT: Redream has sound, but ES and the default emulators don’t, so it’s definitely not a hardware problem.

Solved; a rogue value had made its way into my Retroarch config. When I deleted the lines and rebuilt from the GUI everything came back.