New 10" Picade X USB-C kit

Hello all,

After some very helpful advice from support and replacing some parts, I have my 10" Picade up and running. I only have one issue that is bugging me and can’t figure out. I’ve tried reading the forums here and a lot of the information seems to apply to the older model Picade HAT and not the newer X one.

Anyway, here’s my situation:

Raspbian Buster on an RPI 4
Retropie installed on top of that
Completely stock build of the Picade arcade kit, including the 4 ohm speakers and regular buttons, etc.

I have sound output in both the Raspbian desktop as well as in games. My problem is I can’t figure out how to change the volume. If I’m in Emulation Station, volume is set to 0% yet I still have sound.

In the Raspbian desktop, I have sound but the speaker icon has a red x and it tells me I have no ALSA controls.

As far as my config.txt goes, I installed the Picade drivers using the one line installation. The only thing I’ve modified from that (because I was getting no sound at all before) was to enable i2s (because the X HAT uses digital audio output) and dtparam=audio=on.

I had this working on a previous build but never backed up my config.txt, so I don’t know what I did. Anyone have a “stock” build like me with Raspbian and working audio in everything? I’d appreciate the help.


Just wanted to give a minor update:

I was able to get volume controls working from within RetroArch. For anyone else that may have that issue, you bring up the RetroArch menu from within a game, then Settings->Input->Hotkeys and then assign a hotkey to volume up and down.

That works from within RetroArch, but it does not work anywhere else. So if you’re using standalone emulators (non-RetroArch ones) then you still do not have volume controls. I also do not have volume controls in the desktop still. Anything I read about DACs says the drivers should allow ALSA mixer access and it appears the Picade X hat drivers do not. Can someone confirm that?