PicadeHAT audio from the picade AND hdmi, is this possible

I currently have my pi set up with the picadeHat, this is in a custom arcade enclosure

The arcade enclosure has a set of 2 speakers wired directly to the hat for audio along with the controls, this then outputs to a 22" Monitor via HDMI, (no speakers on the monitor)

The HDMI signal is split and also sent to a 32" TV, which i also use for the pi along with a Bluetooth controller

When using the system as an arcade machine, its fine however when using through the TV its odd having the sound come from the side of the room, Is there a way to have it output sound BOTH through the HAT and through the HDMI port?

Andrew PK

As far as I’m aware, it’s possibly possible, but I haven’t had any luck actually getting it to work despite playing with some asound.conf settings. I thought the RetroPie UI had somewhere you could switch audio between HDMI/Analog anyway?