Question: New Picade Console HDMI sound setting with MAME

Hi, I had just built the Picade Console case New HAT included (New Picade Console)
After run the patch from PIMORONI, hat was recognized as keyboard and setting was all easy and straight forward. Thank you PIMORONI.

however I have one issue…

Please let me know how to change the config.txt or any other altered files back to use only HDMI sound out.

Before the patch running, all sound can be came out from HDMI setting. However after the patch running
N64, PCEngine, Megadrve etc can play the game sound through HDMI but all ARCADE emulation can only play through the internal speaker connected with new HAT and can not control to switch back to HDMI sound any longer.

Please let me know the solution or what this initial setting patch from PIMORONI changed in the retropie configuration files ?

Try the following:

  1. In config.txt remove or comment out the “dtparam=audio=off” line.
  2. In the /etc folder delete or rename the file asound.conf
  3. Reboot