Picade 4 Console HDMI Audio not working

Hey guys and girls,

I’ve just built a Picade console and installed retropie with no problems, the HDMi audio works fine while playing a boot up video until I guess the X-Hat drivers load in and then the audio is only coming from the onboard speaker?

I’ve tried everything within the build of retropie that I have but as I say once the boot video finishes and enters emulationstation no more audio from HDMI!



It looks like the XHAT driver does two things which are specifically related to sound…

It adds the line dtparam=audio=off to boot/config.txt. I think this disables the Pi’s on-board audio, so comment the line out and then reboot to see if has any effect.

It also installs the file /etc/asound.conf. I’m not sure what that does, but try renaming it and then reboot.

Thanks for that but I’m a total noob when it comes to the command line on the Pi.

Is it possible you could give me a little more information?

Just search the net for Raspberry Pi command line tutorials, or Linux command line tutorials. They’ll teach you all you need to know about navigating directories, renaming files, editing files, etc.

For anyone who stumbles across this later, this is the correct answer (set the audio dtparam to on in config.txt and rename asound.conf to something else). To get the internal speaker back, reverse those changes.