A Question About Arcade Buttons

Good Evening,

This is probably a stupid question and one that has a simple answer.

I am in the process of tarting up my old Kickstarter picade.

I have purchased some LED illuminated buttons.

They have four prongs on them:

  • Two for the LED; the 5V and its ground.
  • Two for the input to the board and its ground.

I have daisy-chained the illuminated bits OK and everything works as expected, i.e. the lights go on when the Pi is powered.

My question is, the other two prongs, the connection to the controller board and its respective ground.

How do I tell which is which, or does it not matter?

Can I just wire one prong to the Picade board and the other to ground, or is there a definitive way of doing it?



The two button contacts are shorted together when the button is pressed. And an open circuit when the button is not pressed. If you are using a ground as your signal to do something, yes you can just daisy chain one terminal from each button together and tie the end to ground. Doesn’t matter which side either. Its what I did here with my pirate radio. The black wire goes from button to button linking one terminal on each button to ground. Pressing te button then puts a ground on the colored wire coming from it. That grounds a GPIO pin on my Pi. The buttons are mapped to the Pirate radio GPIO pinout for pause play, volume up down etc. My buttons don’t light up.

Brilliant, thank you and a perfect explanation.

I was hoping that it was as simple as pressing the button closed the circuit, I just wasn’t sure if it was necessary to wire specific terminals together or not.

Let the daisy chain creation begin !

Many thanks,