Retropie button issues

I’m tryint to make a retropie arcade machine and the buttons seem to short out the system. I’ve wired them to the best of my knowledge but every time I hit a button they restart the whole pie and it has to boot up again. There where no instructions with the buttons and joy stick what am I missing.? They have leds in them and they light up so there getting power and I can run the system with a normal keyboard. Help plz

Could you post a photo or sketch of how your system is wired up?

As a general rule of thumb your button wiring should be:

IO Pin ----> Button ----> Ground Pin

And the IO pin should either have an external pull-up resistor to 3.3v, or have its internal one switched on. A pull-up very weakly keeps the signal at VCC (or ON), and is easily countered when the button shorts it to ground.

This is how the buttons are set up and how I wired them the first time. The leds light up but it reboots the system everytime I press one of the buttons.

How’s it wired at the other end? Are you sure you’re not shorting power + ground when pressing the button, and somehow lighting the LED from an IO pin?

Here is the wiring on the other side they are clips that plug directly into the arcade encoder

Oh, I thought you’d be using one of our Picade products ( I’ve not come across this encoder before, and it’s not one we sell, is it an iPAC?

Unfortunately I don’t have any experience with it, so there’s not much help I can give short of educated guesses. It sounds like your buttons are shorting power to ground, though.

You might get lucky and find someone here who knows about your particular board, but otherwise you might be better off contacting the manufacturer.

…or using one of our boards ;)

(if we could keep the darned things in stock)

Edit: Apparently these forums are a veritable font of information:

I would say, that based on your image and this image I found on Google, that you have the yellow and red wires swapped over…

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Looks like it is one of these…

Thanks I appreciate the help

Did it fix your issue though? Please update us, so that if anyone searches in future, they find a thread that actually has the solution at the end…

The buttons are now brighter than they where before and they don’t ground out the system when I hit them. However the buttons are not responding. Now I can’t get any reaction from them. I have tried to calibrate them in the retropie but they wont register

At this point you might be better off contacting the seller- since we don’t make, sell or even possess a board like the one you’re using all the debugging efforts are, at best, guesswork.