Picade buttons and screen problems

Hi there.

So I got two picades in the pre order stage. I have built one. The screen ribbon has to be secured via tape or I can’t get a picture. I am having issues with the buttons. Have installed hat from gui. It displays the buttons as a keyboard. The left stick position isn’t working and two other buttons are not working. I have been on the discord to find help and it was very useful. But I am at a lost as what to do

Now I have set up the other one and this time none of the buttons or joystick works

I have the new pimonori. Just received and after a few hours installed also with the picadehat firmaware, but when I try to configure retropie only joysticks and esc buttos works. I tried lot of things but it doesnt work. I am getting crazy. Can anybody help us? PLEASE

Can you tell us more about the tape on the ribbon cable? I’m having real problems with the screen on mine, too. I just see one row of the display extruded—streaking down the whole height of the screen. I’ve tried manipulating the ribbon cable, gently, while it’s powered up, but no luck.