Weird Problems with Picade Joystick


Got My picade and was able to get it going. However I’m having issues with the joystick. Only the directions up, up left, up right and right work. After looking around here I found and used the watch -n 0.1 gpio readall command to see if it detected anything and sure enough I could see the previous directions working but not the others.

I’ve checked the joystick and the cable with a multimeter to see if they were the problem but both were completely fine. I then thought maybe I had gone wrong with the software so did a clean installation of retropie. Unfortunately this didn’t fix the problem with the joystick and now when I use watch -n 0.1 gpio readall it says the gpio is not found despite the pi being powered through the picadeX board.

So now I’m at a loss of what it could be. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Found out what was wrong at : New Picade joystick only registering Up movement had put the cable onto the picadeX board the wrong way.

I was about to answer just that! Glad you’re up and running.