A-Z tutorial for controlling a servo using the Pimoroni Servo 2040 controller

Hey there, as I wasn’t able to find a good tutorial that walks me from flashing Micropython, downloading Thonny, connecting the Servo Controller to the PC and the IDE / Interpreter to actually connecting and moving a servo, I wrote one (it’s part of my open-source humanoid robot project)! Feedback very welcome! https://kayra.org/en/2-breathing-life-into-kayra/setting-up-the-controller

Read the first part but it will not allow me onto part 2! Please fix as I’m interested.

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thank you so much for the heads up! i fixed the link in the article, here’s a direct link to part two for your convenience: https://kayra.org/en/2-breathing-life-into-kayra/kayras-controller-software