Servo 2040 wifi add?

Hi There!
I’m new to this forum. My name is Pim, from the Netherlands, and just started with a nice project.
For this project I want to use the new Servo2040 from pimoroni. However, I need to add Wifi to this board to get Json data from an API and use this data to rotate servo motors.
Since I just started programming, in Thonny, I don’t have a lot of knowledge about this case. I was wondering if anyone could advice me a wifi add on for the Servo2040? And maybe there is an example I can use to practise. I’ve searched for this but could not find anything unfortunately (maybe I don’t use the right search tags).

My first step is to connect to Wifi and request the data from the API.
The next step is to structure this data in the right way so I can run a calculation.
After that I will make the servo’s rotate the right amount of degrees according to the calculation.

I really hope someone has nice info for me.

Kind regards!