Adafruit PiOLED gethub link issue?

Hey guys, first post… I have a fair amount of experience using ssh and “copy n paste” code. But Ive caught a snag and wondering if its a bad link or if I’m using the link incorrectly… I should mention I’m using a Pi Zero running OS Raspbian Stretch Lite.

Im following the basic Learn Tutorial on adafruit. and everything goes well untill I get to
" "

And I get the response of
-bash: No such file or directory

Can anyone tell me whats going wrong here? I’ve done this before about 3 weeks ago. And cant seem to figure it out again. Thanks in advance… -Tim

What are you typing into the terminal when attempting to clone the GitHub repository?

Looking at the repository itself, and the readme:

It seems you can probably just:

sudo pip install Adafruit-SSD1306

Thanks for the reply… I tried that but then the rest of the commands input return with a “command not found” “no such file or directory” type stuff… This is the string of commands

sudo apt-get install git
git clone
cd Adafruit_Python_SSD1306
sudo python install

The link for the turtorial I’m following is

So Ive tried multiple times, On new SD cards. With both versions, Desktop and Lite. Ive tried doing it all on the actual pi, And also with ssh… And I cant get this link to work. Ive finished 3 pi projects since then. And I just cant get this working… I notice the pioled has been out of stock since I got mine… Is there a glitch? How do I get my product to work? About to give up.

I really wish I could get some more support here… This has to be the easiest thing Ive done with a Pi and cant get it to work. I cant see how it could be an error on my end. I would like to know for sure that its not within the tutorial or the link… Can anyone try the tutorial… You dont need to have a PiOled. you just need to get the link working that Im having so much issue with…

It’s quite possible you have a connectivity problem that’s causing git to fail to fetch the repository. Could you snap a photo of any error output you get for the git clone step? This step runs fine for me, as do the two subsequent steps (entering the directory and installing.)

I was able to give it another shot this evening… Im not sure how I had the glitch. But the scrypt was broken on the webpage for me. Also shown in what I copy and pasted above. The comand was not single line
“git clone
was showing up as 2 lines. Maybe I somehow had my webbrowser to narrow of view? But all is good. And Im glad. It was just weird that I could not get that working. ThankYou for the pointers. Nice to have this working.

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