Adafruit 5" LCD No image


Hi. I bought an Adafruit 5" LCD from you and so far have been having troubles in getting an image. I got it to work once but it seems that even if i fiddle about with the cable plugging it in and out i get sort of an image for less than a second and then it’s black again. I’ve tested the cable and it works well which leads me to think that the LCD HDMI connector might be at fault?

1 - It is connected to a Raspberry Pi Zero W and I’ve followed the instructions from Adafruit in setting up config.txt

2 - It has been connected to 2A USB charger and a 2.1A Power Pack and the power never went down. It’s just the image.

Unfortunately I have been at work for the week so will only be able to try with another HDMI cable tomorrow.

Have you any other ideas I could try?


I seem to have found the problem. Might be a faulty micro HDMI to HDMI cable.
Fingers crossed…


Is that the 5 inch backpack one? What are you using for a power supply, namely what is its current rating?

EDIT: Also, if thats a Pi Zero in the official case, try it with the Pi Zero out of the case. Just as a quick test to see if maybe the mini HDMI isn’t plugging in all the way.