Adafruit PyGamer Bad USB and error 090

Just unboxed this and i cant get it to work. when plugged into the PC only comes up with pygamerboot:S once and displays the contents of the device but then it freezes my file explorer as it can’t read the contents of the drive. All i can do is unplug the usb and the file explorer un freezes. When i plug the pygamer bak in it only see’s the device as usb drive S and still cant read the drive. In order to get the pc to recognise the pygamer as pygamerboot again i have to restart the pc WITHOUT IT PLUGED IN or my pc wont shut down or boot. Also when turned on and not pluged in to the pc audio setting works, fps works, jackdoc console and dashboard dose nothing, console dose nothing and brightnes up or down just comes up with an unhappy face and 090 error and a flashing red led with SOS in morse code.

At the moment this is a brick and i cant seem to get it to do any more than above. any help would be mutch appreciated thanks.