Add new Stations to Pirate Radio

I ordered the kit followed the instructions in the tutorial about Internet Radio on your Pirate Radio. Everything worked fine exept the addituion of new stations.
First I tried to edit the file
but there was no directory vlc. I added one and created the playlist with the stations
from some swiss and german radio stations
The stations worked fine as they should, and looking at the website raspberrypi.local:8080, I saw them listed as in the screenshot:
After clicking on the seccond link, the station was played, but the first station was listed twice, and the appearance changed:
After clicking every station and reloading the site, every station was listed at least twice, ecept the stations WDR3 and ndr_ndr1_han:
I saw the same effect loading the stations directly on the boot partition with a file playlist.m3u as mentioned in the tutorial. I also made shure every line ending was in utf-8.
What can I do? Is there an error in the URLs I copied from the respective sites.