Added a power button to my picade

I leave my picade in the office and it seems to be nearly a daily occurrence that someone remaps the buttons in a way that makes it impossible to exit an emulator.

Luckily it turned out to be a 5 minutes job to add a power button once I finally decided it was worth doing. In retrospect, I should have done it months ago. I thought I’d share it now so the next guy (or gal) doesn’t waste months putting it off. :)

I ordered one of these buttons, which fit nicely.

And stole the python script from this guy.



Nice. I only just discovered the Monk Makes site today. Some nice stuff there. Was looking at Micro Bit stuff and saw the Squid buttons.
I did it the hard way adding resisters to a Proto Board and wiring my switch to that. Mine isn’t a picade, just a portable setup in an enclosed case with minimal access. Just a power button and shut down button.

Should have mentioned, also discovered that Pimoroni sells Monk Makes stuff, =)
Looks like my link doesn’t work in IE? Just do a search for Monk Makes in the Pimoroni search function in the Shop section.

Ha, hadn’t noticed there is monk makes stuff in the store either! Luckily the button isn’t here or I would have felt bad for not linking the store. :)

I have my first BBC Micro Bit on the way and was looking at associated bits for that. I found the Monk Makes site and noticed items I also saw here.