Added dual phono connection to phatDac and audio stopped working

Had pHAT DAC up and running on zero w with PiMusicBox working perfectly. I decided to add the dual phono connection and soldered it in and now I don’t get audio. Is it necessary to make a software mod to identify the phono connection as the output device? If so, what should I modify? I switched back to pHAT DAC line out and audio would not play. Any ideas?

Double check that you have it plugged back into the GPIO header lined up correctly.
And if its not too much trouble, a picture of your soldering might help.
I do believe the signal source goes to both outputs at the same time, so no software switching should be necessary. If that had to be done I would expect a note saying so on the product page.

It turns out I did NOT plug it back onto the GPIO header correctly. Works great now!

That happens sometimes. Your lucky it didn’t let the magic blue smoke out. ;)