Adding Bluetooth- & AirPlay-Receiver (and maybe Multi Receiver) to Pirate Radio

Hi, I found a cool piece of software for adding Bluetooth- & AirPlay (&maybe Multi-Stream-Receiver capability) to play music from different sources to your Pirate Radio over your speaker or the Stereo).
I just tested it with Bluetooth and Airplay capability, and it works!
The other pieces

Spotify Connect
UPnP renderer
Snapcast client
ALSA VU meter plugin

have not been installed or tested by me and still have to be investigated!
Before you install anything to a working Pirate Radio Installation, dont forget to save your working Image with win32 Disk Imager!!!

So its not my own invention, here is the webside:

Its only in german, but should not be hard to understand. Since GIT is already installed on the Pirate Radio(if not, try
sudo apt install -y --no-install-recommends git
you basically add:
git clone

cd rpi-audio-receiver


Then its up to you what you want to try. Let us know here what works!
I only installed Bluetooth Module and Airplay Module and nothing else.
The Installation asks you for Hostname, and „Pretty hostname“, thats the Name that will be displayed in Airplay/Bluetooth Mode.
The only thing is that all the services are active all the time, so if you are in Pirate Radio Playing mode and someone starts Bluetooth/Airplay, it will be played all together!
Only the PAUSE Button of the Pirate Radio stops the Streaming Radio Service.
During the whole Installation Process the Raspi Zero was playing Radio

And the system load (htop) is not over the limit.