Pirate radio and Airplay at the same time

Hi guys,

Fairly new to raspberry pi but managed to put together the pirate radio and setup vlcradio, which all work great! I have also setup airplay on the same sd card, which allows me to connect via iPhone but doesn’t play audio. Can these two be loaded on the same sd and work together or am I out of luck?

Thanks for your help!

I posted a similar topic here a while back: Using Pirate Radio as Both an Airplay Speaker and Internet Radio

I’m afraid nobody really came up with an answer!

In the mean time, if you run your VLC radio via the online dashboard, it should work perfectly fine as both, so long as you first activate the radio online! :D

I would merge our two threads, but I’m afraid I lack the power! D:
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Oh wow I have literally searched for half the day and it didn’t pop up! Sorry to duplicate.

How can you airdrop from the online dashboard?

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I have responded on the above mentioned post

No problemo!

And you can’t use the Apple features from the dashboard, but you can start the radio.
The Airplay feature should work constantly, however, my play/pause button doesn’t work until I initialise the radio functionality by pressing play on the dashboard first.

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