Using Pirate Radio as Both an Airplay Speaker and Internet Radio

Hi there,
I just got the awesome Pirate Radio and set it up as a lovely Airplay radio.

It’s working brilliantly, though I wondered if I could use it both as an internet radio and an Airplay speaker simultaneously; not, not playing both at the same time, but being able to switch between the two by pressing play/pause to start the radio.
I would try it myself, but I’ve only just got the Airplay speaker working, and I didn’t really want to try installing the internet radio software as well if there are going to be conflicting setups.

I noticed that the Airplay install set itself up to run at boot, and I presume the same applies to the internet radio. Would running both on the same boot be bad, or should I try some strange button activation/rebooting system?

That’s certainly possible. I think @RogueM is the man to help you out.

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To expand: I’ve just installed the internet radio software in conjunction with the Airplay software, and it seems to work. Partially…
The Airplay speaker works as you would normally expect, however, the buttons for the internet radio only work intermittently at best, and not at all until you start running a stream from the online VLC Radio controller. This, however, could be due in part to me adding my own modified version of “” to /etc/rc.local, which acts as a soft shutdown for the on-off button, since the Airplay speaker didn’t make use of that function. The internet radio I believe does however, which may be causing conflictions.
Let me see about removing that program. It may work!

Update: Well, the power button works pretty reliably now, but I’m afraid the radio doesn’t start playing unless you use the online console.

OK so I have had my pirate radio running normally for a month or two and yesterday run the Airplay installer

curl | bash

and I can switch between the two with ease all I need to do is pause the radio and connect via airplay

and to get back to radio I just need to disconnect from the pirate radio on my phone and press the play/pause button and the radio comes back on functioning normally.

Thanks @pi2003! That doesn’t seem to work for me though, but I have just found out if I stop the radio (actually press stop on the web interface) then connect via airplay it works! Just need to reboot to start the radio again. It won’t work if I connect before stopping the radio, and doesn’t work if I just pause. Not sure why… but at least I got it working in some form :D