ADS1015 on Enviro+ FeatherWing?

The Enviro+ FeatherWing description says it has a:

ADS1015 analog to digital converter (ADC)

I can’t see that on the board and I’m not sure what its purpose would be given the relevant Feather boards can do ADC. Is that a cut and paste error from the Enviro for Raspberry Pi – Enviro + Air Quality?

I’m thinking your right, cut and past error?
I think this slipped in too “Connector for particulate matter (PM) sensor” I don’t see it in the product photo’s? Just for clarity, I don’t own either Enviro+.

EDIT: There is a contact us link on the shop page you can use to report stuff like this.
You’ll get a lot quicker response and fix that way.
Contact Us for Raspberry Pi Technical Support – Pimoroni

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The "Connector for particulate matter (PM) sensor” is there. It’s on the underside marked PM.

Ah, I stand corrected, I see it now, right next to the display ribbon cable connector.
Is the ADC used with the Particulate matter sensor?

This version of the sensor uses very basic serial communication as I understand it with just a TX and RX. There’s also two digital outputs observable from the libraries

  • D10 (pin22) - PMS5003 enable
  • D11 (pin23) - PMS5003 reset

Yeah, I had another look at the Enviro+ (Pi version) and see that the ADC is brought out to the secondary header, so it’s not used with the PMS as I had thought.
And likely not there at all on the Feather Wing Enviro+.

Thanks very much for pointing out the error @kjw , I’ve fixed it on the shop page.

The Enviro+ Featherwing uses the ADC on the Feather host board, it doesn’t need one itself.

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On a different subject, is the microphone definitely attached to A3 (pin8)? Mine always plots as a flat line on the plotters_combined example program regardless of audio level in my room.