Adventures in Minecraft problem

Hi, I got the adventures in Minecraft book and electronics kit.

The Adafruit T-cobbler doesn’t match the one shown in the book so I’m having trouble completing the projects.

Can you help to show which pins match the ones in the book?

Sincerely from Tobi, age 7.

The first 13 pins on each side of yours match the 13 pins on each side on the one in the book. You have just been given the expanded one for newer raspberry pi

One thing to keep in mind with those solderless breadboards. The power rails ( the two rows that run down each side with the + and - by them) aren’t continuous. That one wide space between the two groups of 5 is a break in the circuit. To use the full length you need to add two jumpers on each side over that gap to connect them together. I can’t see the display in your picture but I’m guessing its not getting the 3.3 volts. In the picture in the book its connected to the first group of 5. On your board its on the other side of the gap.

  • … … … … … < jumper >… … … … … +
  • … … … … … < jumper > … … … … … -
    Other than that, as mentioned above, yours is just the larger 40 pin cobbler. The original Raspberry Pi only had a 26 PIN GPIO, and the first breakout was only 26 PIN to match. Now its 40 Pins. Just compare the PIN designations to confirm they match, then just ignore the extra PINS not used by your book.

Thank you very much!

Thank you very much pi2003 :)

These words of wisdom should be stickied in a giant chevron box next to every mention of a breadboard :D This caught me out more than once, and I’d bet it will again!

I’m thinking its done so you can have +5V on one end and -5V on the other. Or +12V and -12V etc.