What are the female-to-female connectors in the Pico Pirate Kit for?


I bought the Pico Pirate Kit, which says it has everything needed to get started with linked tutorials, but the parts do not match the tutorial, and I am confused. The tutorials use a breadboard and jumpers, neither of which came in the kit. I bought a breadboard, but instead of having male-male jumpers, I have a set of femal-female and female-male cables, which I cannot divine the use of in the context of the kit.

I think the advertising for this kit needs to change, since it does not in fact match the tutorial, but can someone tell me what the utility of these cables is?

Hmm; the tutorial linked to on the product page doesn’t match the one you’ve mentioned, and fits the pirate kit parts perfectly - it’s possible it was pointing to an old tutorial and has since been updated?

As for the cables… in their female-female guise, they can be used to connect pins to pins directly (thus avoiding the need for a breadboard, albeit more fragile!), and female-male for connections where one end has a socket (which I can’t see in the kit, but you can use them to lengthen female-female cables).

If you want to go down the breadboard route, a bundle of male-male cables is pretty cheap.

I swear that yesterday when I tried the url on the box it redirected me to the link I already had open, which Google also thinks is the “Introduction to Raspberry Pi Pico” page, but today, it definitely takes me to the page you have linked.

Even if these are the right parts for the updated tutorial, I think I will still get some jumper wires, rather than tape electric connections together, since I would need to go buy one in either case.

Thank you.