Pico + Display Pack + Breadboard

Hi, I have a Pico and the Display Pack (240 x 135 display). These work fine together, but I want to connect them to a breadboard circuit, but without soldering to the Pico. The Omnibus expander is kind of what I want, but I really want something with female connection strips, so I can just use jumper wires to connect to the breadboard circuit. Can you suggest anything, or do you have any plans to do something like the Omnibus but with a couple of rows of female headers as well - the incremental cost would be pretty small? Alternatively is there something like a male to female strip converter available? Googling for male to female strip and similar was unhelpful…

(I don’t work for Pimoroni to be clear)

The way I’ve been doing this is using Male to Female Jumper Jerky. You can peel individual wires off that ribbon. These wires are usually referred to as jumer wires or sometimes Dupont connectors/wires, so if you were looking for strip converters it may not have brought these up.

Thanks, that was very helpful. I would have preferred something where I could choose the length and colour of the wires, but this will do the job. I can see now that there is a mention of this at the bottom of the Pico Omnibus web page in the Notes - it would have been helpful if they’d included a picture there and mention of breadboard; presumably “jerky” is a whimsical term invented by Pimoroni, which I probably skipped over. I still think there is merit in adding female headers to the board.

I agree. The male pins appear to be a short circuit waiting to happen. With female sockets all is safely insulated and you only need m-m jumper leads as the sensors/displays plug into the bread board.

If you separate the jumpers (which is what I do), you can pick what color you want to use. ;)
And I do believe there are two lengths? The junior (short) and the longer version?