Jumper jerky femaleto female very hard to conect to male pins?


I ordered some of the female to female jumper jerky jumper wires on my last order. I’m finding it very hard to push them on to male header pins. Very very hard, the shell is coming off some of them. The square end is more rectangular and seems to be too small a diameter. Anybody else having similar issues?


Hmm… that’s very weird. Could you post a photo? We’ll look into it.


Best I can do with my camera. Its having trouble focusing where I want it to. If I put 4 or so in the one shell it takes a huge amount of force to plug it into a male header. I’m almost bending the pins doing it.

The plan was to replace these long jumpers with shorter ones, I had to abandon that plan though. Something was going to get bent and or broken.


Pictures not the best but if you look at the top most plug you can see two of the jumpers backing out of the shell. The metal contact part is showing.


This is truly bizarre since most of the time they seem too easy to pull off for me. Is it all male pins you’re having trouble connecting to, or a subset?


I have an LED Shim soldered to a Pico Hat Hacker with a male 40 pin header. I do that so I can mount the Pico Hat Hacker to the back of a Ninja Difusser. That lets me mount the LED Shim vertically.
On the other header row on the Pico Hat hacker I have two double pin male headers. One for +5 and Ground, and one for the two i2c pins.
I plug two female two pin plugs into that. The female to female jumpers with the shells swapped out. On the other end is a four pin shell that plugs into a 4 pin male 90 degree header on the Proto hat

I also have a BME680 with a 90 degree 5 pin male header soldered on it. I plug a 5 pin female header (with 4 wires) into that. Four female to female jumpers. The other end plugs into the Proto hat the same way the LED Shim cable does.

With the long female to female jumpers I sourced from Adafruit it as you say. They plug in very easily, almost to easy, easy to pull off if your not careful. I find swapping out the single shells for the multi pin shells lessens that. Your tugging on 4 wires instead of just one. I got the shell kit rom Adafruit also. It also makes it easy to unplug and re plug the cables. Looks nicer IMHO too.

I decided I wanted shorter cables to clean things up so I ordered a set of the short ones from you. Thats when the problems started. They are just really hard to plug in? Especially if I put them in the one 4 or 5 pin shell.

I swapped the original long wires back in the original shells and all is well. Non of the locking tabs got broken, which surprised me.

I also ordered more of the long female to female and its the same deal with those. Not all of them but some of them just don’t want to connect without a lot of persuasion.

I’m not looking for a refund, just a heads up that something seems to be amiss with this batch. IMHO anyway.