Stackable headers

I’m looking for some stackable headers which are good for female connections of wire jumper leads. I already have some but the pins are too narrow and the female end of the wire just drops off.
Are the ones on here better and will the female end stay on or a goodn fit.


Something like this? I’m not exactly sure what your looking for?

I’ve bought a couple of the 11mm ones. To be honest I found the male pins a bit flimsy.
I usually get these ones

Are either of those ok for jumper wire connections without falling off.

The second one is. Why not just jumper right to the Pi’s GPIO pins?

No, I want to extend the existing 4 pins on a I2C backboard of an LCD1602 screen, and then bend them back by 90 degrees.
Sorry for the late why for.

This might be a better option then

You could even cut the extra two pins off of one end if you wanted.

I’ve oredered 2 of the 8 pin one plus some male to female jumper wires now.
I can always use the extra one for other projects